Stand with Ukraine! Since February 24 2023 Ukraine is fighting in a brutal war, started by russian federation. The war has had a devastating impact on Ukraine, affecting its people, economy, territorial integrity, social welfare, and political stability. As the war continues, it poses significant challenges for the country's future development and stability. We call the world to stand with Ukraine, not to stop your support and help us save our country for ourselves and all the future generations!


About our NGO

We support Ukraine via variety of fundraisers and activities:

● Providing adaptive clothes to hospitals● Providing tactical belts to Ukrainian defenders● Supporting displaced Ukrainian scientists and supporting their return to Ukraine● Providing career counselling and mentorship to Ukrainian scientific youth.

Our projects


Adaptive clothing

We provide adaptive clothing for free to Ukrainian hospitals. This clothing is used for wounded citizens and soldiers, those who have amputations.Raised: $500. Goal: $4,500


Tactical belts

We have already provided Ukrainian defenders with 600+ tactical belts. We continue to make them and send for free. Raised: $2,500. Goal: $1,500


Grants for Ukrainian scientists

We support Ukrainian scientists who want to return to Ukraine by providing them with financial grants to fund their research and help them build their life again in Ukraine.Raised: $0. Goal: $7,000


Career counselling for Ukrainian scientific youth

We help students who graduate from biotech and biochemistry spheres find jobs in their professional field. We mentor them, prepare for interviews and teach social and communications skills.Raised: $1,000. Goal: $500

Our supporters 

We are grateful to these organisations for supporting our initiatives and projects


Requisits and legal information

Legal information:Legal name: NGO "Laboratory of innovations and new materials"Code: 45031657Registration number: 1011141020000000529Contact address: Ukrainskoyi Peremohy 23, Ivano-Frankivsk, 76000, Ukraine
Contact number: +380953273606

Bank details:Account holder name: NGO Laboratory of innovations and new materialsBank name: JSC CB "PRIVATBANK" Bank address: 1D HRUSHEVSKOHO STR., KYIV, 01001, UKRAINEIBAN code: UA833052990000026000035515648Bank account currency: USDSwift code/Routing number: CHASUS33
Bank details:Name of the bank: JSC CB "PRIVATBANK", 1D HRUSHEVSKOHO STR., KYIV, 01001, UKRAINE, Bank SWIFT Code: PBANUA2X, Address: Ukrainskoyi Peremohy 23, Ivano-Frankivsk, 76000, UkraineAccount in the correspondent bank: 001-1-000080SWIFT Code of the correspondent bank: CHASUS33Correspondent bank: JP Morgan Chase Bank, New York ,USA. 
orAccount in the correspondent bank: 890-0085-754SWIFT Code of the correspondent bank: IRVT US 3NCorrespondent bank: The Bank of New York Mellon, New York, USA.
orAccount in the correspondent bank: 36445343, SWIFT Code of the correspondent bank: CITI US 33, Correspondent bank: Citibank N.A., NEW YORK, USA.

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